Coastal Drilling's Rig 22 Completes Second Year for McMoRan

Coastal Drilling is pleased to announce that Rig 22, a 3000 HP posted barge, has completed its second year of drilling for McMoRan. The unit has worked a total of 730 plus consecutive days in the South Marsh Island Area (SMI) with NO MMS INCs, incidents, or pollution. The wells drilled have been targeting the "Deep Gas" horizons below the depths of 15,000 feet. 4 wells drilled by Coastal Rig 22 have been from 18,000 feet to 22,000 feet. The "shake out well" for Rig 22 was a 21,000 foot well. The rig and crews performed exceptionally well, as expected by the Coastal Drilling Management. In 2008 Coastal Rig 22 boasts a TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) of 1.31. For 2009 TRIR is 0.00. 

Rig 22 boasts a 2 million pound mast and is able to drill to a depth of 35,000 feet utilizing company owned 5 ½ inch drill pipe. Drilling to these depths creates other issues that have to be addressed in a drilling rig such as the mud system. Rig 22 has a 2,200 barrel mud capacity, 5 King Cobra linear motion shakers, and can process 2,500 GPM. Rig 22 has 3- 1,600 HP mud pumps with 7,500 PSI fluid ends. All high pressure piping is 7,500 PSI, except the choke manifold that is 15,000 PSI. Rig 22 utilizes a 750 Ton Canrig Top Drive, 47 ½ in rotary, and a National Iron Rough Neck. Instrumentation and driller’s house were designed and equipped by Petron Industries with the latest in monitoring equipment. Crew capacity for Rig 22 is 60 people. The hull size is 250 feet long by 70 feet wide and a hull depth of 18 feet. The depth of the hull coupled with 10 feet of post, enables this rig to work in depths offshore up to 26 feet.
Coastal Drilling Management, in understanding the need of the customer, added a cementing unit to Coastal Rig 22. BJ Services, a major provider of cementing services, brought their expertise and knowledge to the table. Being in the transition zone of the Gulf of Mexico, this has enabled the operator to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in weather time alone. Rig 22 has 3,600 cubic feet of cement storage and BJ is providing the RAM, a DC drive double pump skid. BJ Services has a cementer staying on the rig at all times.
Noteworthy to announce is that MMS (Minerals Management Services) personnel toured Rig 22 while in the SEMCO Shipyard. They were pleased to see new iron coming to work and mentioned that Coastal was the first inland barge driller to invite them to inspect their rig. Coastal Drilling has shown they are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best of equipment and comply with the governing bodies of the Gulf of Mexico. Since the first tour MMS has inspected Rig 22 while working, approximately 20 times, resulting in NO INKS. Rig 22 is working the transition zone of the Gulf of Mexico. Coast Guard has completed its inspection of Rig 22 and has issued another COI (Certificate of Inspection).
Coastal Drilling Company has 3 drilling barge rigs in the coastal areas of Louisiana and Texas. Rig 20, a 1,500 HP drilling rig, was the first rig built, and is currently waiting on location. Rig 21, a 3,000 HP drilling rig, just finished drilling for Energy XXI, in the Freshwater City area of Vermillion Parish. Rig 22 is working for McMoRan Exploration, with project management provided by Chalmers, Collins, and Alwell (CCA) as the consulting company. 
Coastal Drilling Company is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Louisiana field office is located at the Port of Iberia, Louisiana. The company operates 7 land rigs in South Texas and 3 barge rigs working the inland and offshore waters of Louisiana.    

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