MMS Names Offshore Leadership Award Recipients

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS) has announced the recipients of the agency's Offshore Leadership Award (OLA). The award is given annually to individuals who perform voluntary acts or services that assist MMS in accomplishing important objectives in the areas of offshore energy and minerals management. Their actions have led to safer operations and greater environmental protections.

"This years Offshore Leadership Award winners deserve special recognition for their contribution to the advancement of safe, professional, and environmentally conscious OCS operations," said MMS acting Director Walter Cruickshank. "Through their initiatives, the Minerals Management Service has improved the way we accomplish our missions and we thank the Offshore Leadership Award class of 2009 for their work."

The following OLA recipients will be recognized at a luncheon held during the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas on May 7, 2009:

Wayne Broussard, PSN/Grasso for the effective use of his outstanding "Now You Know" newsletter to improve safety and environmental performance.

A.J. Guiteau, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. for providing valuable insights into the "science" associated with proper test development, proper test formulation, and accepted test analysis techniques for the Subpart O testing program.

George Hagerman, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute for demonstrating outstanding dedication to the emerging renewable energy program by providing comprehensive, accurate, valuable, and educational information on offshore renewable energy technologies.

Ann Jochens, Texas A&M University for demonstrating exceptional leadership and a proactive approach in bringing federal agencies together to obtain and compile information about the whales’ biology and behavior.

Paul Landry, Apache Corporation for excellent leadership and outstanding dedication in developing training programs to promote safe operations and regulatory compliance on offshore platforms.

Darryl Luoma, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. for outstanding leadership in the innovative and visionary approach to developing the use of extended reach drilling technology for the Liberty Development Project.

Alan Romine, John Seeger, InterACT PMTI; Chris Brooks, Merit Energy Company; and William “Billy” Poe, Explosive Service International for outstanding commitment and dedication to better understanding the extent and impact of ocean noise on the OCS.

Harlan King; Virgil Russell, BP America, Inc; and Al Gonsoulin, Petroleum Helicopter, Inc. for their outstanding dedication and leadership in promoting improved medical care and evacuation capabilities for offshore facilities.

The OLA is presented annually to individuals who perform an act or service that enhances MMS's ability to meet offshore mission objectives. Recipients are picked by the OLA Award Selection Committee comprised of MMS managers in both the Offshore Energy and Minerals Management Program and the Office of Policy and Management Improvement.