Paragon Unveils New Name, Suite of Nondestructive Testing Services

Paragon Integrity Solutions LLC, a leading provider of nondestructive testing (NDT) services to the fabrication and process industries, announced today the formation of NDTrak as the new company name and suite of services. NDTrak consists of a comprehensive bundling of NDT services featuring a proprietary Web based process for reporting, storing and viewing inspection results. NDTrak was formed out of the industrial need for advanced NDT solutions to complex mechanical integrity issues.

The NDTrak™ bundled offerings include:

  • Gas-Trak™: use of advanced infrared cameras to detect 19 types of fugitive, greenhouse (VOC) gas leaks
  • Weld-Trak™: use of advanced ultrasonic phased array technology to analyze the integrity and quality of welds
  • Corrosion-Trak™: use of a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate and monitor wall thickness and deterioration
  • Crack-Trak™: use of eddy current, magnetic particle and dye penetrant techniques to detect and evaluate surface cracking

NDTrak integrates strong domain expertise with advanced technology in infrared, ultrasonic phased array and other NDT techniques. NDTrak services are complemented by an easy to use, secure, online database management capability that enables clients to access their inspection results instantly from a browser over the Internet.

"The complex mechanical, piping, and electrical systems that comprise upstream, midstream, and downstream process facilities require continuous testing and monitoring for safety and reliability," said Archie Thompson, President of NDTrak. "Owners and operators of these facilities also understand the importance of identifying safety hazards through NDT methods before they become acute failures. NDTrak brings together a unique set of NDT testing disciplines, in-house expertise, state of the art equipment and the reporting of test results via the Internet. Our clients are realizing value from the NDTrak bundled services through higher levels of safety, reliability, and efficiency."