PGS Rides 3D GeoStreamer Wave to the North Sea

PGS has brought 3D GeoStreamer® dual-sensor technology to the North Sea, kicking off the 2009 summer season.

Following the positive industry response to its new GeoStreamer® technology worldwide, PGS has brought a 3D dual-sensor seismic spread to the North Sea this spring.

First North Sea 3D GeoStreamer® data

Enhanced seismic resolution, better deep imaging, operational robustness and excellent final results in all geological settings tested so far have demonstrated the GeoStreamer’s potential to create a step-change in seismic data quality.

The first ever North Sea 3D GeoStreamer® season kicked off early April 2009 and will comprise both MultiClient and contract 3D data. The program starts with a 1600 sq km survey for Lundin Norway based around the Luno discovery in the Norwegian North Sea.

"We expect data of unprecedented clarity from these surveys," said Per Arild Reksnes, PGS Marine President EAME, adding, "Numerous results from surveys in 2008 have demonstrated that the GeoStreamer® provides improved imaging in a wide variety of geologies."