Flare Solutions Wins Queen's Award for O&G Software Solutions

Flare Solutions has won an internationally recognized award for its development and deployment of web based knowledge management software for oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies.

Incorporating advanced techniques, the software enables a company's information assets to be catalogued, monitored, searched and linked to business processes.

The Queen's Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a UK company and represents independent recognition of outstanding achievements in innovation. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II conferred the award after approving the recommendation from the Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Flare's E&P Catalog TM , was first deployed in 2004 and is now used in over 31 different countries. The software enables better information management, through better visibility and tracking of deliverables in the project portfolio. It is used to support business activities ranging from Exploration through to Development, Regulatory, Project and Well Delivery.

"This award recognises an approach which has been proven to save companies time looking for information,"  said Paul Cleverley, Technical Director, Flare Solutions.

The E&P taxonomy and ontology (knowledge map) embedded in Flare Solutions E&P Catalog, makes it easier to tag (and to classify more precisely) documents & data with E&P keywords for enhanced searching of content. It enables users to discover E&P information (and for information to be suggested), which is not possible with traditional search tools.

As well as its unique approach to track process and deliverables through graphical 'document dashboards' and 'funnel views,' the E&P Catalog TM helps to solve one of the trickiest problems in Information Management; when the user of a system does not have a fully formed question in their mind when they first start to search. This has been a pitfall of many systems, in that you need to know exactly the right question to ask in order to find the information. Through a combination of functionality and its ontology, the E&P Catalog TM helps users find information from loosely based questions.

This is the second international award won by Flare Solutions in recent years. In December 2006, Flare Solutions won the prestigious BCS European Knowledge Management Project Award for their deployment of the E&P Catalog TM at Shell.