AGA Gas Taps NCC to Construct LNG Terminal in Nynashamn

NCC Construction Sweden has been commissioned by AGA Gas AB to construct a terminal for liquid natural gas (LNG), which is to be located at Brunnsviksholme outside Nynäshamn. The agreement consists of the construction of the infrastructure required for the new terminal and the assignment will be implemented as a partnering project. The LNG tank itself will be built on a general contract on assignment from Cryo AB. The total order value for both transactions will be approximately SEK 275 million.

The terminal to be erected will be the first of its type in Sweden and will facilitate the utilization of natural gas in Central Sweden. Fortum, among others, will use the natural gas to replace petroleum for city-gas production in Stockholm and the Nynas refinery will use the natural gas in its production of hydrogen gas.

The LNG tank will be 33 meters high and 38 meters in diameter and will be constructed in slip form in August 2009 and completed during the first half of 2010.

NCC will also construct a harbor, which will be able to receive tankers with a maximum length of 160 meters and a depth of nine meters. An approximately 100-meter-long bridge will connect Brunnsviksholme with the mainland. The assignment also includes construction of a service building, an access road to Norviksvägen, a vehicle bay for receipt of LNG and some ground work.

NCC has documented experience of project management and construction of similar terminals through its construction of the Snøvit terminal in Northern Norway and the Island of Grain project in the UK, says Kari Elliot at AGA Gas AB.

The assignment for Cryo AB will be implemented as a general contract. The agreement with AGA Gas AB will be implemented as a partnering project.

The terminal and its infrastructure are scheduled to be in operation on May 21, 2011. A total of approximately 30 NCC employees will be engaged in the project. The order value will be registered in the second quarter of 2009.