BGP Opens New Reservoir Geophysics Research Center in China

BGP is proud to announce the opening of its Reservoir Geophysics Research Center. Aimed at developing unrivaled oil reservoir technology, the Center will significantly improve BGP's reservoir services.

The Center is located in Zhuozhou, close to its headquarters, and is composed of several laboratories. It is equipped with advanced facilities, such as a new IT infrastructure and upgraded data processing and interpretation computer packages. The new center is staffed by more than 30 experienced technical experts and geophysicists who form the core research team. The team works closely with data processing, data interpretation, and software groups within BGP in order to provide the most accurate and satisfactory services to our clients.

The center has been designed to develop geophysical reservoir technology to solve oil field problems. The Reservoir Geophysics Research Center will bring together the people, tools and technologies to enhance our clients' information and knowledge of their oil reservoirs in order to optimize production and maximize the value of reservoir assets. Dr. Ling Yun, GM of the new center, claims,"We are confident we can provide excellent reservoir technologies and services."