Trident Exploration Spuds First Multi-Lateral Horizontal Montney Well

Trident Resources, through its Canadian subsidiary Trident Exploration Corp., has commenced drilling its first multi-lateral horizontal well targeting the Montney formation. The Trident-operated well was spud in TRC's Sunrise land block west of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. The well is expected to reach a total vertical depth of approximately 2,400 metres with two laterals extending an additional 1,000 metres in horizontal length per lateral. This multi-lateral well advances the drilling and completion techniques and information gained from the first three TRC-operated single-lateral horizontal wells drilled in the same area in the Montney formation over the past few months. TRC reports that its lateral drilling time has been reduced to less than four days, substantially quicker than its initial expectations based on area activity. Trident holds a 70% working interest in the lands.

"We are both confident that multi-lateral horizontal drilling is the next step in the commercial evolution of the Montney formation in British Columbia and pleased to have the opportunity to transfer drilling practices mastered in our other unconventional core producing areas to this new unconventional resource," said Todd Dillabough President, CEO and COO of Trident.

TRC extensively uses multi-lateral drilling applications in its broad Canadian unconventional resource base and have improved these techniques to successfully develop the Mannville coal bed methane ("Mannville CBM") fairway. In the Mannville CBM, Trident's innovations, critical to the commercial success of the project, has also provided a development footprint approximately 1/17th of conventional designs by drilling up to four multi-lateral natural gas wells from a single surface location. TRC has licensed its entire Sunrise area to exploit this approach, transferring the smaller footprint benefit to the Montney field in British Columbia.