Oilex Kicks Off Development Drilling at Cambay-75 Onshore India

Oilex advised that drilling operations on the Cambay-75 appraisal/development well commenced on April 16, and drilling is currently proceeding in the top hole section at a depth of 116 meters.

The planned total depth of the well is approximately 1,500 meters and is anticipated to take 15 days to drill with an additional 5 days for completion and initial testing. If successful, production from Cambay-75 will be added to the current production stream.

The primary objective of Cambay-75 is the Miocene Basal (MBS) oil sand which is producing in the nearby Cambay-64 and -74 wells. Cambay-75 is located to the west of these wells on the large unfaulted western flank of the field where an estimated 5-15 million barrels of oil in place potential resource is recognized.