Northern Petroleum Completes Flow Testing at Ottoland Onshore Netherlands

Northern Petroleum reported that post hydraulic reservoir fracturing flow testing has been completed on the Ottoland 1 side track in the Netherlands during a 14 day period. Without artificial lift, the well flowed oil and water at improved rates to the July 2007 tests, proving the fracturing program to be a success.

These results will be analysed to establish the final parameters of the production installations which could include downhole pumping at possibly higher flow rates, depending upon a cost effective resolution of water disposal requirements.

Northern has now completed well workovers for production and hydraulic fracturing of the reservoir at the Brakel and Wijk en Aalburg gas fields as well as the Ottoland oil field. Similar operations are scheduled for the Geesbrug and Grolloo gas field in the near future in preparation for placing all these five fields into production.