China Northern Offshore Drilling Co. Sells Jackup

China Northern Offshore Drilling Company has sold the jackup drilling rig Bohai VI to Mike Mullen Energy Equipment Resource, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

The Bohai VI is a Bethlehem design mat slot type jackup rated for drilling in water depths up to 250 feet. The rig was built at the Bethlehem shipyard in Singapore in 1979. Since construction, the unit has been owned and operated NDC or a predecessor company.

The sale of the Bohai VI marks the first time that China has sold an offsore drilling rig.

The Bohai VI has been renamed the Odin Spirit and will be hot stacked at the Dalian New Shipyard in Dalian, China until the new owners have an employment contract or have resold the unit.

Normarine Offshore Consultants acted as a broker in the sale of the unit.