C-MAR Group Expands Leading Training Services in Eastern Europe, India

C-MAR Group's Dynamic Positioning Centre trains more people to Nautical Institute standards than any other training centre in the world.

Part of global marine and energy services firm -- Aberdeen head-quartered C-MAR Group -- The Dynamic Positioning Centre is celebrating this achievement with an investment of more than half a million pounds in new training facilities in Eastern Europe and India.

A new base in Croatia, aimed at covering the Eastern European and expansive Caspian energy markets, will offer basic and advanced DP courses. With experienced offshore staff in place to manage the centre and deliver the training, this base will utilize a wealth of training material and experience to deliver instruction considerably in excess of the minimum standards set down by the Nautical Institute.

Responding to the rapidly emerging oil and gas markets in India, a DP centre will also be opening its doors in the western city of Mumbai, India's largest city, recognized as the country's business capital.

Both newly opened bases will offer basic and advanced DP training which will cover a wide range of DP subjects such as practical manoeuvring of the DP system and simulated DP operations. The more advanced courses will also include training in identifying errors, faults, and failures, as well as DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures.

These two new Dynamic Positioning Centres bring C-MAR's world-wide specialist training centres up to six, providing complete global coverage with the existing centres in London, Singapore, Philippines and Brazil.

Offered for the training of key DP personnel, all courses across the centres teach to a standard well above industry wide requirements whilst providing the industry with a desperately needed supply of skilled and certified operators.

Andrew Macdonald, C-MAR Group's director of operations, said, "Our dynamic positioning centres are now globally recognized as the preferred choice for DP training and skills development. We have created centres of excellence around the globe to provide the energy and maritime industries with a service that is critical to the marine and oil and gas sectors.

"C-MAR has developed these courses in line with the Nautical Institute's guidelines and continues to enhance and re-evaluate training through continual review with industry professionals. This ensures that we are providing the best, most relevant training possible, in the areas where the industry needs it, and in accessible and relevant regions around the world."

C-MAR Group provides a comprehensive service to the global marine and energy sectors which includes marine and crewing, engineering, recruitment services, Dynamic Positioning training and consultancy.