SMT's Geoscientific Interpretation Software Now Supports Windows Vista

SMT (Seismic Micro-Technology), the leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, today announced that the company's KINGDOM software now supports customers on Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows Vista operating system.

Vista's 64-bit architecture greatly improves performance running SMT's KINGDOM software. In some internal benchmarks, performance has shown to be three times faster when running Windows Vista and 64-bit. SMT's support for Windows Vista also seamlessly integrates with the enhanced security and manageability features within the platform.

Commenting on the announcement, Indy Chakrabarti, Director of Marketing of SMT, said, "Data security on PCs has been a growing concern among companies. Geoscientific data is no exception -- in fact, this data is highly proprietary. By supporting our customers on Windows Vista, we can provide KINGDOM interpreters higher security controls on their PCs and better data protection against theft or destruction. In addition, the move to 64-bit computing greatly enhances performance for our customers."

SMT's support of Windows Vista and 64-bit computing is part of the company's ongoing efforts to ensure that customers have access to the most flexible and secure computing platforms for their geoscientific workflows.

"Geoscientists and engineers in the oil and gas industry must increasingly work with data sets that require large amounts of process and memory power to run efficiently," said Craig Hodges, U.S. energy and chemicals industry solutions director at Microsoft. "With the integration of Windows Vista and the 64-bit architecture, users of SMT's KINGDOM software benefit from increased program performance and memory support as well as enhanced security features. This enables heightened worker productivity and smoother workflows."

SMT customers who wish to upgrade to Vista, will be able to take advantage of the improved performance and security features and reduce the demand on IT support resources as Vista can detect and resolve many problems automatically.