Knowledge Reservoir Unveils Upgraded Deepwater GOM Knowledge Base

Knowledge Reservoir LLC, a leading geosciences and engineering consulting services company, announced the eagerly awaited 2009 release of its Deepwater Gulf of Mexico knowledge base, ReservoirKB™.

This latest release of ReservoirKB features major upgrades to the web-based service, including a totally new GIS interface, which represents a step change in the user experience. The new interface incorporates significant advances in system design, targeted at maximizing navigation efficiency for users seeking specific information on deepwater reservoirs.

ReservoirKB currently represents the most comprehensive knowledge base directed towards exploration and appraisal geoscientists and engineers in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico region. It provides coverage of all deepwater productive sands discovered, constituting reservoirs currently either in production or sanctioned for development. Additionally, it provides continually updated reservoir performance metrics, analogs, lessons learned and regional knowledge, not available from any other single source. The knowledge base provides a unique combination of reservoir engineering data, geological description and production data analysis.

ReservoirKB is provided as a subscription service, on a hosted portal, to oil and gas companies exploring and evaluating prospects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The updates are presently provided annually, this most recent including fresh data and information covering 2008, as well as completely updated analysis. As the definitive source for information on deepwater reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico, ReservoirKB has seen phenomenal growth since its original development, and now includes:

  • 193 fields
  • Over 620 associated reservoirs
  • Over 1050 Wells (including Appraisal and Development)Current discussion on the critical challenges facing the industry, including a review of the Paleogene.

Dr. Ivor R. Ellul, President of Knowledge Reservoir, stated, "ReservoirKB was developed in response to operators’ needs for a knowledge base of deepwater data to evaluate projects, assess risks and measure them against other opportunities in their portfolios. Our clients find it an invaluable resource when researching analog fields, as reservoir assessment and benchmarking are at the heart of good appraisal and sanction decisions. We are most excited with the new interface; the greatly enhanced utility of which users familiar with other GIS based applications will be familiar."