TechnoMedia Launches Petroleum Education Donation Initiative for Colleges

Technomedia International, Inc. is waiving license fees during 2009 for a significant portion of its oil and natural gas eLearning library for qualified colleges and universities offering petroleum educational programs.

TechnoMedia's founder and president Greg Bihn stated, "The current economic situation has left a lot of oil and natural gas teaching institutions in a real bind. Some of these institutions do not have the budgets to hire instructors necessary to teach in classrooms that are literally busting at the seams with students."

"Since its begining in 1991, TechnoMedia has benefited from feedback and informal collaboration with many of these institutions and the Company views the current situation as a way to return the goodwill. Emphasized Bihn, "It's the very least we can do. Many of these professors have reviewed our eLearning courses over the years and they have done so with little or no compensation."

Texas A&M professor, Dr. Hans Juvkam-Wold, is one example of this collaboration. Texas A&M's petroleum engineering department has been using TechnoMedia's interactive training material for nearly 15 years and it has become an integral component of the curricula. Dr. Juvkam-Wold believes that the Company's offer to provide these materials to other universities will go a long way towards enriching the learning environment that is now so essential to the oil and natural gas industry, particularly with the overflow of students registered for programs. Dr. Juvkam-Wold has indicated his willingness to share his experiences using TechnoMedia's eLearning courses in his classes at A&M.