Oil & Gas UK Comments on AAIB Report into Helicopter Accident

Following the publication of the AAIB's initial report on last week's North Sea helicopter accident, Chris Allen, Oil & Gas UK's health and safety director, said, "Oil & Gas UK can confirm that helicopter companies operating flights to UK offshore installations today have carried out the additional checks that were required in the alert service bulletin issued by the manufacturer, Eurocopter, last night.

"The bulletin, which was made mandatory by the European Aviation Safety Agency, requires daily checks to be carried out on the Super Puma L2 and EC 225 to verify the condition of the main gearbox.

"The industry is committed to implementing all the recommendations which have so far been made by the AAIB and any others which emerge from the continuing investigation. The UK leads the world in the safety of offshore helicopter operations and we will do everything within our power to maintain and improve that position in order to protect the safety of our people."