Tyche Energy Corp. Changes Name to Timberlake Energy Solutions

Tyche Energy Corporation's board of directors have approved the decision to change the company's name to Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc. In addition, the board of directors has approved a reverse split of the company's common stock at a 1 for 3000 ratio to raise venture seed capital. These corporate actions will take effect at the open of business 4/13/2009. The new company trade symbol on this date will be TLKE.

As a result of the reverse split, every three thousand shares of outstanding common stock will be changed into one share of common stock. All fractional shares shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number and shareholders of record on 4/13/09 are required to surrender their existing certificates to the company transfer agent.

The company is pleased to provide shareholders with the following corporate business activity to date:

  • Following the decision to approve the company name change and reverse split, former company president Gino Denise has since resigned and the company has appointed Mr. Bob Bowersock as Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc.'s new president.
  • Mr. James Lewis has joined the company as an officer as secretary effective March 2009.
  • Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc. has appointed Knightsbridge Assurance Ltd. as the company's new transfer of record.
  • The company is re-constructing its website and has contracted an investor relations firm to assist shareholders at this time.
  • Investor related concerns can be directed to timberlake.ir@gmail.com or by contacting the Investor Corporate Solution Center at 303-657-2764.