Russian Premier Stresses Cooperation with Iraq in Oil, Gas Sector

Cooperation in the oil and gas sector was one of the key subjects at talks between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which were held in Moscow on April 10, Russia Interfax news agency reported on the same day.

"In discussion of business and investment ties, the stress was put - and this is clear to everyone - on cooperation in the oil and gas sector," Interfax quoted Putin as saying at a news conference after the meeting with his Iraqi counterpart.

According to the report, Putin noted that in this sector, "as in power engineering, substantial positive experience of cooperation was accumulated in previous years."

ITAR-TASS news agency reported that according to Putin, during the negotiations with his Iraqi counterpart today, they "talked about widening contacts in the trade and economic sector, humanitarian and political areas."

Apart from that, the training of specialists in various areas was also discussed at the talks. "Much was done in previous years" in this area, ITAR-TASS quoted Putin as saying. "Thousands of Iraqi specialists were trained in Soviet times and in modern Russia," the agency continued quoting Putin as saying. "Iraqi students are also studying in Russia today," Putin said, according to the report. "Cooperation in this area can and, certainly, will expand," ITAR-TASS further quoted Putin as saying.

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