Fairfield Completes 3rd Successful Deployment of Z Land System

Fairfield Industries has completed the third successful deployment of its cable-free continuous recording Z LandTM nodal seismic data acquisition System designed for operation on dry land.

"Z Land is one of three seismic data acquisition Systems in Fairfield's Z Technology Group, which includes two marine Systems," said Steve Mitchell, Vice President and Division Manager at Fairfield. "Z Land is designed for rapid deployment and high production and is especially suited for use over rugged terrain and in urban areas.

"Because it's one-hundred percent cable-free like our marine Z Systems, time-consuming troubleshooting is essentially eliminated," Mitchell noted.

The single-component autonomous Z Land recording System is capable of acquiring 288 hours, or 12 days, of continuous seismic data unattended. The number of days an individual nodal unit can remain in place may be extended by cycling the unit into and out of a sleep state at pre-determined times.

Z Land was initially deployed in September 2008 in the Piceance Basin in the high plateaus of western Colorado. The innovative land System has since demonstrated its unique capabilities by acquiring seismic data when deployed in the ranchland pastures of central Texas and the thick piney woods of east Texas.

Z Land has successfully acquired data using conventional VibroSeis®, simultaneous sourcing VibroSeis, and dynamite sources. For each field trial, the self-contained Autonomous Recording Units (ARU) of the System were deployed and left unattended to continuously gather data for one to two weeks before being retrieved to download the data.

The success rate of the Z Land System has met all expectations with the system achieving an overall data collection integrity better than 98.5%.

Privately-held Fairfield Industries Inc. is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers a complete suite of seismic services -- ranging from data acquisition to visualization. Fairfield is the leader in cable-free seismic data acquisition system manufacturing.