Australia Pacific LNG Project Reaches Milestone, Declared 'Significant'

Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) has reached a key milestone with the APLNG project being declared 'significant' by the Queensland Co-ordinator General today.

APLNG is proposing a large coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Australia which will result in investment in the order of $35 billion in Queensland through to 2020.

APLNG is co-owned by Australasia's leading integrated energy company, Origin and US integrated energy company, ConocoPhillips.
APLNG Project Director, Todd Creeger, said the declaration was an important milestone for the Project.

"Our CSG to LNG Project is underpinned by a strong relationship between Origin and ConocoPhillips which are both leaders in the production of CSG and, in the case of ConocoPhillips, a leader in the delivery of LNG projects.

"We're creating a new, long-term industry in Queensland which will deliver jobs and further investment in the region. We have Australia's largest and most developed CSG resource and we will use that resource to supply this Project.

"We look forward to working with the Queensland Government to make APLNG's CSG to LNG Project a reality," Creeger said.

The Project consists of:

  • the further development of APLNG's CSG fields;
  • a gas transmission pipeline to the Queensland coast;
  • a gas processing plant and associated facilities where the gas will be cooled
  • and liquefied for shipping overseas.

The project will consist of up to four trains.

When all four trains are operational, the plant is expected to produce up to 14 to 16 million tonnes of LNG a year. LNG is used to supply power stations and industry and for domestic heating and

Origin will be responsible for the development and management of the CSG facilities including the gas fields and pipeline on behalf of APLNG. ConocoPhillips will be responsible for the construction and management of the LNG plant on behalf of APLNG.

Discussions are continuing with relevant parties regarding the suitability of certain sites. The Coordinator General's declaration will allow the draft Terms of Reference to be set for an Environmental Impact Statement into the Project.