Sensornet Closes Successful Trial Test with Major Middle East NOC

Sensornet, the global provider of the most complete monitoring solutions, announces the successful trial test closure of its Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology for horizontal flow profiling in Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) oil well applications for a major Middle East NOC.

The trial was to install two separate DTS systems in horizontal oil producing wells to directly compare flow contribution results from the DTS data against a conventional Production Logging Tool (PLT) log. Sensornet successfully deployed its SureSight™ DTS cables along the entire length of both well bores first time. Since the installation in mid 2008, the systems have been monitoring constantly to provide crucial information about the zonal flow contribution performance.

A PLT intervention was carried out on both wells to provide a known flow profile measurement. This was used to compare the DTS flow contribution interpretation results for each compartmentalised section of the test wells. The comparison allowed the operator to verify that the rate allocation from the DTS matched that obtained from the PLT, thereby confirming DTS as a viable alternative to production logging.

Mark Watson, Sensornet VP Middle East, said, "The successful closure of our DTS technology trial for flow profiling in horizontal oil producing wells is yet another world first, as to date no other DTS systems provider has performed such rigorous measurement qualification with a major operating company for this type of application.

"With the successful conclusion of this high profile trial test of our DTS technology, we can now provide a field proven solution that bridges the gap between assumption and knowledge. Operators can now fully understand the performance and integrity of a well or reservoir in order to maximise its potential, without the added expense, time or potentially hazardous intervention operations."