DHP Previews New Drilling Enhanced Performance System Tool

Downhole Products (DHP) recently previewed their latest innovation, the Drilling Enhanced Performance System Tool (DEPS), to attendees of the 2009 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Amsterdam. This patent-pending tool provides solutions for torque, drag and cuttings bed challenges in extended reach and ultra reach drilling.

A prototype of the DEPS™ tool was on display and DHP Executive Bill Barron was on hand to answer technical questions from potential customers. Barron noted that DHP had invested heavily in research and development to deliver, what he considers, an industry-needed solution.

"Operators shared their problems with us and we studied, designed and evaluated solutions for their issues for more than six years. All of that energy was funneled into this DEPS tool which essentially combines the functions of multiple drill string tools into one innovative design," Barron explained.

He added, "There is a lot of risk involved when you add more and more components on the drill string. This was an effort to help our customers streamline their BHA while still retaining the benefits of hole cleaning, torque reduction and vibration mitigation tools."

DThe DEPS tool is a multifunctional device providing solutions for:

  • Cuttings Removal --The cuttings transport system lifts and entrains cuttings beds in high angle holes ultimately producing a higher quality wellbore in which to run tools and tubulars.
  • Drill String Drag Reduction -- By reducing sliding forces, the DEPS tool acts as a low coefficient friction reducer.
  • Drill String Torque Reduction -- Torque reduction is an effect of the device acting as a bearing.
  • Pipe Buckling -- Accurate centralization provided by the tool dramatically mitigates the potential for pipe buckling.
  • Stuck Pipe -- Due to the drill pipe no longer directly contacting the formation, the tool prevents incidents of differential sticking.
  • Casing Wear -- Drill pipe tool joints no longer contact the casing in the previously cased sections, leading to a reduction in casing wear.
  • Axial, Lateral and Torsional Vibration -- Slip stick and drill string vibration is reduced through the shock absorption capacity of the DEPS tool.

DHP also featured their industry-leading centralization and advanced reaming shoe products at the conference. Additionally DHP had examples of the "Grippy" cable and control line clamps at the exhibition. "Grippy" products will be on display at the upcoming 2009 Electrical Submersible Pump Workshop at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott, The Woodlands, Texas, April 29 – May 1, 2009.