ffA Releases Latest 3D Seismic Analysis Software

ffA ("Foster Findlay Associates Ltd"), a world-leading provide of 3D seismic analysis software and services to the oil and gas industry, has released a new version of its flagship 3D Seismic Analysis and Volume Interpretation application, SVI Pro 2009 (March 31, 2009). SVI Pro 2009 provides users with step improvements in capability, performance and usability on the Windows platform.

Innovation -- SVI Pro's 2009 Interactive Facies Classification module ("IFC") provides a unique interpreter driven method for seismic facies analysis.

The IFC represents a new genre of advanced computational tools that place the seismic interpreter firmly at the center of analysis process. It is the first 3D seismic analysis application to be fully enabled by Graphics Processing Unit ("GPU") computing technology: workflows that would previously take days to realize can now be delivered across an entire dataset in real time.

SVI Pro 2009 significantly extends ffA's industry leading visualization capabilities through provision of a comprehensive suite of color and opacity blending functionality allowing users to highlight and understand the geological relevance of even the most subtle variations within their data.

Performance -- GPU Computing Technology will transform 3D seismic interpretation. SVI Pro 2009 is the first commercial application to harness the power of this technology for 3D seismic analysis.

Steve Purves, ffA's Technical Director said, "SVI Pro 2009 moves the goal posts for 3D seismic analysis, providing interactive capabilities and computational performance that was simply not previously available outside of the research lab, which is exemplified by the new Interactive Facies Classification module.

"SVI Pro 2009 represents the start of an exciting period for ffA in which our commitment to high quality research and development in collaboration with our partners is making the sophisticated analysis tools required to maximize the value of 3D seismic available to all interpreters."