Pogo Steps up Activity in the Gulf of Thailand

Pogo has drilled eighteen wells in Thailand during the second quarter. Seventeen of the wells were successfully completed. One well was added in the Tantawan field and the rest targeted Benchamas, adding take points to the "C," "E" and "H" platforms. The "H" platform yielded some particularly impressive results, with the H-9 well encountering 552 feet of pay and the H-12 well finding 437 feet of pay.

Pogo is already drilling a wildcat well in the "Chongko" exploration area between Tantawan and Jarmjuree fields. Seven development wells will follow immediately on the Benchamas "D" platform area. Following the completion of some rig repairs ashore, the second drilling rig will return to Block B8/32 in late August to begin a six-well exploratory program, including wells in Chaba, Maliwan and Jarmjuree and, possibly in the Block 9-A area east of Tantawan field.

The first three of the eight production platforms that were ordered last year are in the yards and are about 50% completed. Five more platforms will begin the fabrication process over the next few months as the first three are finished.