Northern Petroleum Makes Headway on Netherlands Drilling, Field Devt

Northern Petroleum announces further progress towards bringing four gas fields and two oil fields into production as well as drilling two exploration wells in the Netherlands.

At the Ottoland field, the side tracked well Ottoland-1ST2, drilled in 2008, has been successfully hydraulically fractured to enhance oil production flow rates. The well is currently flowing oil and testing is in progress and is expected to continue for some time.

At the Grolloo gas field the well work-over of the existing well is in progress to prepare the well for hydraulic fracturing of the reservoir formation as was successfully accomplished at Brakel and Wijk en Aalburg last year.

These hydraulic fracturing operations and flow tests will determine the final details of the production facilities design for the initial production phase and will assist in the projection of reservoir drainage in order to potentially locate further wells which will achieve increases in production.

The exploration well Niewendijk-1 which is located close to the Ottoland field will start drilling within the next week utilising the newly fabricated Northern Dutch Drilling Company drill rig mobilized from the Czech Republic. The Nieuwendijk prospect has a mean estimated size of 56 million barrels of oil in place.

License interests:

  • Northern Petroleum Nederland 45%
  • EBN 40%
  • Dyas B.V. 15%