Breaker Energy's Fireweed Horizontal Well on Production

Breaker Energy Ltd. provided initial flow test information from its second horizontal multi-frac well at its wholly-owned Doig/Montney gas resource property in Fireweed, British Columbia. The new well was drilled approximately two miles north of Breaker's highly successful first Fireweed multi-frac horizontal.

Successfully treated with eight fracs in mid-March, the well flowed to Breaker's compressor station since the morning of March 31, 2009. Field measurements recorded that the well flowed at an average rate totaling approximately 1,003 boe/d (which includes approximately 5.3 mmcf/d of natural gas and approximately 120 bbls/d of natural gas liquids) for the last 24 hours of the test ending the morning of April 3, 2009. The quoted gas rates are measured raw at the wellhead and include approximately three percent carbon dioxide and 2.5 percent hydrogen sulphide. This well was drilled in the north end of the property where wells historically produced at lower rates. Breaker is pleased with the results, as the well has also confirmed gas saturation in previously untested sands.

After two months of high-rate production, Breaker's first horizontal multi-frac well at Fireweed continues to produce at high rates. In only two months, the well produced approximately 77.6 mboe of cumulative production and exited March with a raw production rate of approximately 1,000 boe/d. Breaker notes that this well's decline rate has started to flatten which is consistent with the Company's interpretation that the well has tapped into a large resource. From its field production estimates and internal benchmarking studies based on public production data, Breaker believes that this well's first-month daily average production of approximately 1,540 boe/d is superior to all known horizontal wells in analogous deep basin Montney reservoirs. This benchmarking data set includes 181 producing horizontal wells drilled since January 2006 with public production data available up to year-end 2008.

Both horizontal wells measured initial bottom hole pressures exceeding 16 MPa at a true vertical depth of approximately 1,645 metres, indicating only a small amount of drainage to date from legacy production of over 20 vertical wells and cumulative production to date of over 17 bcf.

With Breaker's facility modifications essentially complete, the Company anticipates total production rates from the Fireweed property of approximately 2,500 boe/d early in April, nearly triple the production rate when Breaker acquired the property less than one year ago. Due to the high pressure and flow rates of Breaker's two new horizontal wells, much of Breaker's pre-existing Fireweed production of approximately 750 boe/d will continue to be curtailed pending completion of the pipeline gathering system looping project planned for the second half of 2009. This project will further enhance the production capability from all wells and accommodate growing volumes in the area.

In addition to the value of the natural gas liquids produced at Fireweed, the high heat content of the gas enables Breaker's Fireweed gas production to obtain a significantly higher sales price per mcf than typical dry gas.

This ongoing success confirms the potential of the Fireweed high rate, liquids rich resource play. Currently, Breaker has identified 14 additional drilling locations at Fireweed and the Company's total horizontal multi-frac resource play inventory is now approximately 160 potential new locations. The resource play areas include Fireweed, Irricana light oil, and Provost sweet gas.