CORRE Pursues Contracts in S. America, Middle East

Canadian Oil Recovery and Remediation Enterprises Ltd. a provider of leading edge oil recovery and remediation technologies and services, today provided a business update and overview of its near-term project opportunities.

"Together with our local partners in CORRE MENA, we are actively pursuing oil recovery and remediation contracts in both the Middle East and South America," said Wayne McKinnon, President of CORRE. "We have built and shipped our equipment to Kuwait in preparation for our bidding for oil recovery and remediation projects that will soon be tendered and/or directly negotiated by Kuwait's national oil companies," Wayne McKinnon added.

As part of CORRE's near-term project opportunities, the Company is actively developing several projects in Kuwait which include:

  • CORRE is actively pursuing the establishment of a pilot plant on one of the oil-contaminated sites of a Kuwait oil company to demonstrate its capability to meet the required treatment and remediation specifications. CORRE anticipates that this operation will translate into direct negotiations for a long-term project with the concerned oil company.
  • CORRE is also the technology partner of IMCO of Kuwait. IMCO is a leading engineering and construction company in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and water sectors in Kuwait. CORRE and IMCO have been pre-qualified by the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company ("KGOC") as remediation services providers in preparation for their bidding for oil recovery and remediation projects to be tendered by KGOC. CORRE is presently preparing its first tender submission in conjunction with IMCO.
  • CORRE has submitted to the Kuwait Oil Company ("KOC") an application together with the required documents for its pre-qualification as an oil recovery and remediation service provider. This pre-qualification process is in anticipation of KOC tenders for upcoming projects to recover oil and remediate oil-contaminated soil including the Kuwait oil lakes that still lie on the KOC lands. The Kuwait oil lakes were the direct result of the exploding of the Kuwait oil wells during the first Gulf War.

In addition to its activities in Kuwait, CORRE has been engaged in various discussions with a national oil company in South America to treat and recover oily sludge. Testing and product validation has been completed and CORRE is in the advanced stages of negotiations on this project.

Using the APEX and O/S technologies for the treatment of sludge and stripping or separating oil from sand, CORRE continues to design, build and operate Advanced Recovery Equipment Systems ("ARES") to treat sludge, remediate oil-contaminated sites and recover the oil. The ARES program provides five comprehensive oil recovery and remediation solutions including an advanced bioremediation alternative for use in situations where logistics pose great challenges for equipment to operate. ARES I, designed for sludge treatment and oil recovery, has been successfully built, tested and shipped to Kuwait. It has demonstrated the capability of treating 20 metric tons of sludge and oil contaminated material per hour. ARES I is ready for deployment in any sludge treatment project in Kuwait.

In addition to providing site planning and management services, MENTRA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CORRE, designs, develops, commercializes, builds and improves process equipment systems for CORRE. MENTRA also provides the proper equipment layout to ensure an efficient process flow for all of the anticipated tendered and negotiated projects.