MMEER Dixie Patriot LLC Increases Stake in the Dixie Patriot Lift Boat

MMEER Dixie Patriot LLC, a Mike Mullen Company, has purchased the interests of KS Oil Rig Service Inc. and Patriot Rig Equipment, LLC in the Dixie Patriot lift boat.

The Dixie Patriot is one of the largest lift boats in the world and came into service in 2004 in the US Gulf of Mexico. The 280-class Dixie Patriot can work in water depths of up to 200 feet and is outfitted with two Seatrax 200-ton capacity cranes mounted on its forward leg towers, allowing for a tandem lift of 400 tons. Additionally, the ABS classed and USCG certified Dixie Patriot has over 11,000 square feet of usable deck space, making it a unique platform to perform a wide variety of offshore project applications, specifically decommissioning and heavy lift projects. The unit is currently being operated by Power Marine out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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