Leistritz's Solution Debottlenecks Petroleum Systems at the Wellhead

Leistritz multiphase production systems are engineered to eliminate bottlenecks by boosting the flowing wellhead pressure. This reduces the back pressure which increases the production of hydrocarbons from mature wells. The multiphase pump transports combinations of gas, oil and water through a single flow line. Costs are reduced through the elimination of slug catchers, parallel flow lines, separators, heater-treaters, compressors and flares. According to the company, the system significantly delays well abandonment while increasing total hydrocarbon recovery. Payout is typically measured in months rather than years. In addition, the system is environmentally compatible by eliminating flaring and venting, and reduces the facilities footprint in sensitive areas.

At the heart of the system is a Leistritz twin-screw, multiphase pump with a cast steel or ductile iron casing; gas-nitrided, steel rotors; replaceable liner; and a mechanical seal with throat bushing. The pump can be powered with either an engine or electric motor that enables constant preset pressure at the wellhead.

The flow discharged from the pump passes through a liquid recovery trap. Affixing an optional demister raises the trap’s efficiency from 80% to as much as 99%, and is recommended for wet-gas applications. The trap provides sufficient liquid to maintain prime during even extensive slugging. A drain is available to remove solids, and the trap can accommodate liquid injection of additives from a secondary source.

Leistritz multiphase production systems are uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of the application; yet each is comprised exclusively of readily available, off-the-shelf components.