Oil & Gas UK Comments on Bond Helicopter Crash

Malcolm Webb, on behalf of Oil & Gas UK, expresses his shock and sadness at the news of the tragic helicopter crash off the Aberdeenshire coast and thoughts of everyone at Oil & Gas UK are with the families, friends and colleagues of those who have lost their lives or are still missing.

Chris Allen, health, safety, social and environment director with Oil & Gas UK, said, "This is a dark day for our industry. With the recent accident in Canada also on our minds, the industry has experienced two accidents in a short space of time. This is devastating for everyone involved in the oil and gas industry.

"It is really hard to comprehend how this could have happened. Oil & Gas UK is determined to do everything possible to make helicopter travel as safe as it can be.

"We will work with the Air Accident Investigation Branch, BP and Bond Helicopters to learn everything possible from the investigations that will follow and ensure that any lessons are shared across the industry."