Atlas Delivers Innovative Safety Training to UK Offshore Sector

Atlas Interactive will today initiate a major contract to deliver new safety training to the oil and gas industry in a deal which marks the first time a single training provider has been tasked with delivering a solution to the UK's offshore sector.

Driven by the industry's commitment to continually improve safety, Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) has been developed by Step Change in Safety and OPITO -- The Oil & Gas Academy. Using Atlas's unique online approach to deliver training to the 30,000 experienced offshore personnel is estimated to yield a £10 million saving to industry over alternative methods.

MIST has been developed to improve industry efficiency and standardise safety training across the UK Continental Shelf. The course contains up to nine modules incorporating safety observation systems, use of hazardous substances, working at height and mechanical lifting activities. Training is undertaken via the internet -- saving industry and employer’s further time compared to other training methods and by eliminating travel costs.

The new technology underpinning MIST is an innovative diagnostic tool called FAST TRACK which works by assessing a learner's knowledge gaps under time bound conditions. The content of the course that is then delivered to the learner is based on their personal knowledge gaps thus saving time by only delivering the training that is required.

Jamie Bennett, CEO of Atlas Interactive, said, "Developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, FAST TRACK is very much a product for the current economic climate where a low oil price is placing pressure on employers to cut costs. In our industry training can often be duplicated, costing valuable time and money while personnel are retrained on the same subjects.

"This is a groundbreaking initiative in terms of the importance the industry is placing on health and safety. We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver the MIST course for the existing workforce and believe this is a clear indication of the industry's commitment to standardisation and their willingness to embrace new technologies which can create a highly effective and efficient solution."

Delivery of the new MIST program is regulated by OPITO -- The Oil & Gas Academy. Chief executive David Doig said, "Following a rigorous selection process we are delighted that Atlas Interactive will be developing and delivering the e-learning provision for experienced personnel under the MIST program. Their technical expertise, knowledge of the oil and gas business and successful track record have proved invaluable in the development of the high quality safety training package for the industry."

Ian Aitchison, Step Change in Safety support team leader said, "Currently, basic safety training is carried out to different depths of understanding and covers varying safety elements, lacking consistency across the industry. We recognize that adopting common standards and engaging the essential support to apply them uniformly across industry is a challenge, but there is a real prize out there. We believe that training people consistently and using Vantage tracking to ensure everyone is trained to that level will bring significant safety improvements. Now it's up to each individual company to implement the standards."

Over 350,000 people in over 35 countries are currently benefiting from the e-learning training provided by Atlas Interactive. The company employs around 55 people and is based at Offshore House, Science and Energy Park, Aberdeen.