Swire Oilfield Services Begins Production on Offshore Chemical Tank

Swire Oilfield Services announced production has begun on its most advanced offshore chemical tank. The square tank, dubbed the SAFE Tank from its working title of Swire Advanced Fluid Engineering (SAFE), is the latest result of the company's ongoing continuous improvement program, offering pioneering products to the energy industry. The first units were delivered to its Aberdeen headquarters last month.

The tank, protected by a worldwide patent, has undergone a rigorous design and safety assurance process. It is designed to carry a full range of oilfield chemicals, and has a working pressure of 2.67 bar and a test pressure of 4 bar.

The tank design has a reduced height and footprint through using more of the empty space in the frame. The smaller height minimizes the need for anyone to climb on top of the tank for operational or maintenance reasons.

The 1,000 UK gallon-capacity tank has dished ends, and with dimensions of 2300mm x 2300mm. The overall height is 1815mm, with dip and vent valves 1600mm from the floor. Another design innovation is the slotted fork-lifting pockets, which minimize the chances of dropping incidents.

Because of the partially dished ends, it uses less external frame stiffeners than other square tanks currently on the market, and is relatively light. It also has a provision for a dial-type level gauge to be installed. Additionally, the use of standard parts ensures the product is more cost effective for customers.

It is constructed using a type of stainless steel that is ideal for use in a marine environment, and is coated using a system devised jointly by Swire and Hempel Paints in Denmark, representing the first time both organisations have worked together.

This system reduces the amount of maintenance needed; cutting back on the blasting required, lowering energy consumption and material costs. This also means a decrease in the Volatile Organic Compounds produced.

Rupert Bray, Swire Oilfield Services Director and General Manager, said, "Swire pioneered square tanks over 20 years ago and this latest model, which has been four years in development, is the most advanced produced by the organization.

"The greatest advantage of the new tank is that it provides a large useable volume for the same capacity dimensions. The lower height makes stacking plus working on top of the unit easier and safer.

"We've already had a lot of interest in the tank from the industry, especially from major chemical companies. Mass production has begun this month."