Seadrill Snaps Up Stake in Petromena's Bond Loan for 2 Deepwater Rigs

Seadrill is pleased to inform that through a general bid on March 27, 2009, the Company has acquired NOK1,603 million equal to a 80.2 percent interest in the Petromena NOK2,000 million bond loan (ISIN NO 001031608.6). The bond loan is secured in two new deepwater rigs that have scheduled deliveries from the Jurong shipyard in April and September this year. Seadrill has invested NOK1,100 million in the mentioned bond loan, which gives a credit exposure of substantially less than US $400 million per rig.

The Company considers the position in the bond loan as an attractive low risk investment in assets where Seadrill has strong industrial expertise and knowledge. Seadrill has in the last year taken delivery and successfully commenced operation for two rigs of similar design from the same yard and has in addition two further units under construction at the yard for delivery in 2010 and 2011. The investment in the bond loan will based on the price paid for the bonds provide a direct yield of 14.2 percent and a yield to maturity of 26.2 percent.

If a situation should arise where Petromena is not in the position to finance the rigs or repay the amounts due to the Bondholders in accordance with the existing loan agreements, Seadrill might be prepared to assist the projects with senior financing and operational expertise in order to maximize the recovery to bondholders.