Petrobras Reiterates No Production Shortage from Workers' Strike

Petrobras spoke with the FUP labor union movement yesterday, and took all necessary measures to ensure operational continuity and the supply of its customers and of the general population. There is no risk of a production shortage. Operations have been preserved at all units since the movement began.

At the units where shift replacements did not occur, contingency teams have been set into motion and have taken operations over.

Of the 40 platforms in the Campos Basin (Northern Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo Coast), 28 did not join the movement. The others are operating with contingency teams. There were no production shutdowns at platforms P34 and PPR1, which are operating normally.

Of the Company's 47 terminals, which account for production outflow and product delivery, 25 did not join the strike. All of the production was discharged and delivered.

Derivatives production was not affected at the 11 refineries. A few of them have joined the strike partially and are being operated by their own teams or by contingency teams. Production was not affected at the four industrial units (including the schist production unit and the fertilizer and lubricant plants).

All required administrative, legal and operating measures will continue being taken in order to maintain operation normalcy.

Ensuring on-the-job safety is a constant concern at Petrobras and the object of continuous negotiation with the labor unions. The company reasserts it is open to negotiations and believes in a negotiated solution to put an end to the movement.