AGR Tapped for Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Services in GOM

AGR Drilling Services was recently awarded a Feasibility Study to study various options for extending the patented RMR Technology to 3000m operating depth in the Gulf of Mexico environment.

Steinar Strom; Project Leader R&D IOR said, "StatoilHydro has been a major player in the development of the RMR Technology and the RMR Technology is used frequently on StatoilHydro rigs on wells drilled in shallower waters.To drill top holes in deep waters in the GOM is a great challenge. Enhancing the RMR Technology for this service seems to be the correct choice. A positive outcome of the Feasibility Study will be a major step forward in the context of deep water drilling to become safer, more environmentally friendly and -- not at least -- drilling at a lower risk."

Roger Stave, Vice President Technology and R&D said, "AGR are very pleased with the award of this Contract from StatoilHydro and look forward to working closely with them to develop the RMR Technology to ultra-deepwaters. The evolutionary approach we have adopted has proven to be very successful in commercializing the RMR technology, and with the operating experience we have gained we are confident that we will be able to extend the operating envelope to 3000m."