Horizon Completes Primary Construction for Iroquois Project

Horizon Offshore has completed pipelay and trenching on the Eastchester Extension Project for Iroquois Gas Transmission Systems L. P., through its agent, Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company.

The project involved laying and burying a 34-mile long, 24" pipeline from Northport, Long Island to Hunt's Point, New York. The primary phase began last fall and utilized Horizon's LB Gulf Horizon. Construction was completed during harsh winter conditions and in one of the busiest commercial and recreational waterways in North America.

In order to complete the burial of the pipeline, Horizon designed and built a state of the art pipeline burial plow. The plow provides minimal disturbance to areas around the pipeline, as compared to jetting or pre-dredging methods typically employed in burying pipelines. Using forward and backward looking SONAR, the plow's operators are given a real-time look at the upcoming terrain and the result of operations in its wake. A separate set of plowshares provides for backfill of the plowed trench to be achieved if required.

"We are extremely pleased with the results our people and assets achieved,'' said Bill Lam, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We look forward to securing more projects in the region based on our performance and experience."