Production Resumes at Osebeg Field

Norsk Hydro reports that natural gas output from its Oseberg North Sea field resumed on Thursday after being closed by a leak. Oil production on the field, which together with linked fields pumps 450,000 barrels a day, had resumed earlier on Thursday after the shutdown that began on Wednesday. A Norsk Hydro spokeswoman said that gas output had reached a level of 10 million cubic meters per day by late afternoon. "It should all be back by tomorrow morning," Kama Holte Strand said.

"The oil production is up and going," she added, but declined to say how fully oil output had been restored after a gas leak in a valve on the Oseberg D platform triggered a wider shutdown in the area on Wednesday.

Participants in the Oseberg field are Norsk Hydro as operator with 34 percent, Petoro with 33.6 percent and Statoil with 15.3 percent, Total with 10 percent, ExxonMobil with 4.7 percent and ConocoPhillips with 2.4 percent