Global Industries Wins Installation Contract from Chevron in Thailand

Global Industries Offshore (Thailand) Ltd. has entered into a contract with Chevron Offshore (Thailand) Ltd. and Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd. for the 2009 installation Campaign project, which includes installation of platforms and pipelines as part of the further development of the hydrocarbon reserves within Company operating blocks in the Gulf of Thailand.

The contract is valued at approximately US $44 million and is scheduled to commence in May 2009, with a scheduled completion date of October 2009. Global will be utilizing its Derrick lay barge Comanche for the installation works.

The project includes as base scope, installation of pipelines and platforms. The pipeline diameter varies from 6" to 20", the jacket weights range from 440 MT to 650 MT, and the topsides weights range from 540 MT to 815 MT. The water depth range for this project ranges from 180 to 243 feet.