Europa Plans Production Increase at West Firsby Oil Field

Europa has announced the engagement of Hull-based OSL Consulting Ltd. to comprehensively review the current facilities of the West Firsby Oil field in Lincolnshire and design modifications required to increase the pumping capacity at the site.

Recent theoretical engineering studies have indicated that increasing the flow through a better optimised jet pump system at West Firsby could increase the oil production by over 40%. An upgrade of the facilities will be required to maximize and sustain this production increase and ensure production reliability. During a trial test, which was constrained by the current facilities configuration, production increased from 123 to 145bopd.

OSL Consulting are a highly skilled team of engineers experienced in modeling and redesign of oil & gas infrastructure and are well qualified to deliver a solution capable of a sustainable production increase at the site.

This is one of a program of several production optimisation projects currently being undertaken by Europa on its producing portfolio.

Managing Director, Paul Barrett, said, "This will lead to sustainable increase in production levels without the need for subsurface intervention. It is part of a strategy to position Europa to better exploit its production assets when oil prices recover."