IDS Launches New Advanced Data Analysis Tool for O&G Industry

IDS launched its ground-breaking 'Advanced Data Analysis Tool.' As the largest provider of web-based reporting services to the upstream oil and gas industry, IDS felt it was vital to create an overarching analysis tool to bring additional time and cost savings to its clients. The Advanced Data Analysis Tool, known more simply as ADAT, has been created by in-house experts at IDS and has unique web-delivered

The ADAT allows the user to build layered queries on any part of the DataNet2 database. DataNet2 is a web-delivered reporting package covering E&P, Supply Chain Management and Data & Knowledge Management services. The ADAT enables the dragging and dropping of tables and fields into any work area of DataNet2 and then allows the application of operators and filters to obtain specific results.

The main features and advantages of the ADAT include:

  • Analysis of multiple operations to discover data trends and maximize performance
  • Increased visibility of the causes of downtime
  • Analysis of data across multiple DataNet2 modules
  • Building of queries using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Refining of query filters to drill-down to the required data
  • Creating and grouping calculated fields to discover data over a specific time period
  • Designing and building a flexible report using drag-and-drop component
  • Visualizing data using graphs
  • Creating generic templates to run against current and future operation
  • Generating multiple output types of the same report (MS Office formats, PDF and more)

Reuben Wee, Chief Technology Officer at IDS, said, "We have tried to create such an all-encompassing data analysis tool on a number of occasions over the years but until now, were unable to create a system that we felt truly worthy of the IDS stamp. Our team have done an outstanding job in bringing this product to the client. The ADAT enables clients to really make the most of their data in a fast and simple manner. It seemed fitting that we should launch this service at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition."