New Russian Uvat Fields Produced 83,000 Tons of Oil in February

The daily volume of oil production in the Urnenskoe and Ust-Tegusskoe fields of LLC "TNK-Uvat," the industrial development of which was started in February 2009, amounts to 4,000 tons, according to the reports and materials of the company.

LLC "TNK-Uvat" produced 83,000 tons of oil in just one month lapsed since these fields were put into industrial development. According to Andrei Rublev, General Director of LLC "TNK-Uvat," the short-range plans of the company for 2009 include completion of construction of 2 well pads in the Ust-Tegusskoe field and 3 well pads in the Urnenskoe field and beginning of development drilling in these new well pads.

The company plans to drill 41 production wells and 16 water wells in these two fields this year with a total footage of 138,000 m and complete construction of reservoir pressure maintenance system facilities, a multi-phase pump station, and a second line of the central processing facility.

Specialists of "TNK-Uvat" will start construction of a gas-turbine power plant in the Ust-Tegusskoe field in the framework of a program for construction own energy sources and utilization of associated petroleum gas. In parallel, construction of a field infrastructure in the Urnenskoe and Ust-Tegusskoe fields, including pipelines, automobile roads, power transmission lines, and transformer substations, will be continued.

LLC "TNK-Uvat" was established for implementation of the TNK-BP project aimed at development of the Uvat group of fields, which includes 7 license areas with 8 hydrocarbon fields and 29 prospective structures. The recoverable reserves of the Uvat group of fields are estimated at 67.9 million tons and its prospective resources at 200 million tons. The Urnenskoe and Ust-Tegusskoe fields are in the eastern part of Uvat. The total in-place reserves of these two fields are estimated at 300 million tons, including 100 million tons of recoverable reserves.