Schlumberger Releases New Orion II Telemetry Platform

Schlumberger has released its new Orion II telemetry platform. The new platform enables reliable communication with bottomhole assemblies whether drilling at high penetration rates or longer boreholes.

"With Orion II, more quality data and higher resolution images can be transmitted, at greater depths, enabling better drilling decisions to be made in real time," said, Ian Falconer, marketing manager, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger. "Both drilling efficiency and geosteering accuracy are enhanced by the system, which holds the records for world’s deepest downlink, deepest logging-while-drilling (LWD) and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) transmission and deepest directional control."

The new generation Orion II telemetry platform combines new data compression technology housed in the MWD/LWD tool with new surface and downhole sensors that modulate and demodulate signals and overcome interference from drilling and rig noise, even in harsh environments. Downlink commands are sent in real time while drilling without affecting delivery of measurement data to surface.

The recent extended-reach drilling record by Maersk Oil Qatar was successfully drilled and geosteered using a PowerDrive rotary steerable system, geoVISION imaging-while-drilling service, adnVISION azimuthal density neutron tool, and TeleScope high-speed telemetry service running the Orion II telemetry platform.

Presently available on IMPulse, adnVISION475 and EcoScope LWD services, as well as TeleScope and SlimPulse telemetry systems, the Orion II platform is scheduled for rapid deployment to other tools in the company's LWD/MWD fleet.