MD Cowan Sells First DC-Electric Super Single Drilling Rig

MD Cowan has announced the completion of the first DC-electric version of its popular Super Single Drilling Rig® for J.B. Hunt Gas & Oil Drilling, LLC. This is the sixth Super Single in the company's fleet.

"This is an excellent first entry into the electric rig market for us," said Scott Milliren, President, MD Cowan. "We've taken a practical approach to provide another alternative for customers who are looking for the mobility and small footprint of the Super Single combined with the benefits of an SCR rig."

The rig will mobilize to the Barnett Shale for a one-year contract with Williams Production -- Gulf Coast Company, LP, based in Tulsa, Okla. The basic components of the rig are similar to the original Super Single, with the following variations: The Drawworks (RT400B) & mud pumps (Weatherford MP16) are powered by GE752 electric motors. The electric motors allow for the installation of the larger 1,600hp mud pumps, versus the 1,000hp pumps. The drawworks incorporates a Rig Tech 2-speed transmission, providing full 1,000hp output. This also reduces the overall weight of the trailer and improves deck clearance. The rig has an OMRON SCR house with two CAT 3512C Engine-Generator sets, which provide the power for the rig.

The DC-electric Super Single rig will drill on pad locations, so the footprint has been designed to allow for skidding operations. A mud house and pre-mix tank have been added to the rig for Barnett Shale requirements.

"We're excited about the electric version of the Super Single rig and a new operation in the Barnett Shale," said Kirk Wade, Drilling Manager for J.B. Hunt Gas & Oil Drilling. "We have high expectations for the performance and efficiency of the rig, which we believe will lead to more work in this region."