Eni Reports 2008 Consolidated Financial Statements

Eni's Board of Directors approved Eni's 2008 consolidated financial statements, which reported net profit of €8,8251 million and draft financial statements of the parent company Eni SpA, which reported net profit of €6,745 million.

The Board of Directors resolved to propose to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting the distribution of a dividend amounting to €1.30 per share (pay-out 53%). Taking into account an interim dividend of €0.65 per share paid in September 2008, a balance amounting to €0.65 per share (€1.30 per ADR3) will be paid on May 21, 2009 to all outstanding shares on the register at the ex-dividend date of May 18, 2009.
Holders of ADRs will receive €1.30 per ADR, payable on May 29, 2009 to ADR holders as of May 20, 2009 record date.

Eni's consolidated financial statements and the draft financial statements of the parent company were submitted to the Board of Statutory Auditors and to Eni's external auditors. Enclosed are the summarized profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement4 of Eni's group companies and the parent company.

The Board of Directors also approved Eni's 2008 Sustainability Report in which the Company illustrates its commitment to sustainable development in line with international best practice.