Norsk Hydro to Restart Oseberg D After Leak Containment

Norsk Hydro temporarily suspended operations on the Oseberg D platform in the North Sea on Wednesday due to a minor leak. The company expects production to resume later in the evening. The source of the leak was discovered in a valve and that all 238 people aboard were safe after the alert.

The Oseberg D platform is part of the Oseberg Field complex with produces 194,410 barrels of oil and 5.9 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. But the Oseberg field complex also serves several other fields and platforms in the area, with a total of 450,000 barrels of oil per day and 15 million cubic meters of gas going via the complex to a terminal onshore. The Oseberg field is located approximately 78 miles west of Bergen on Norway's west coast.

All production had been halted by the leak. Currently, it is estimated that production will resume by the evening, a Norsk Hydro spokesperson said. The platform's oil production was likely to come back on stream first, followed by the gas somewhat later, but it was not clear how long it would take to regain full output. The platform's personnel were not evacuated, but had gone to lifeboats during the alert.

Participants in the Oseberg field are Norsk Hydro as operator with 34 percent, Petoro with 33.6 percent, Statoil with 15.3 percent, Total with 10 percent, ExxonMobil with 4.7 percent and ConocoPhillips with 2.4 percent.