T-3 Energy Services Develops New Wellhead Penetration System

T-3 Energy Services' subsidiary, United Wellhead Services, has designed a new wellhead penetration system for use in the rapidly expanding under-balanced drilling market. This new system was initially designed for use with downhole deployment valves (DDV's). Working closely with DDV manufacturers and engineers in the under-balanced drilling field, the Company has developed a product that simplifies the penetration process and reduces rig time.

The Company said that the patent-pending system allows the casing to be suspended and the control lines for the DDV to penetrate the wellhead without breaking the blowout preventer (BOP) stack. This eliminates costly rig time and the need to retest the BOP stack. Once the hanger is installed in the wellhead, the seals can be tested using the combination running and retrieving tool/test plug. The hanger can be left in the well or retrieved at a later date. Control lines are connected directly to the hanger, eliminating wellbore contaminates from typical systems. A slip-type hanger is available with penetration capabilities in the event that the casing becomes stuck.

This system has been installed successfully in several wells worldwide and is currently being utilized in the Huxley Field in Shelby County, Texas. Delivery time is extremely short due to the simplified design, and the system is available in a wide variety of flange sizes, configurations and pressures.

Gus D. Halas, T-3's chief executive officer, commented, "We are very pleased with the development of our new wellhead penetration system and the enthusiastic response it has received from our customers. It successfully addresses the problem of keeping contaminants out of control line ports, can withstand higher downhole pressures and can be connected without removing the BOP stack. This system greatly simplifies the process and can significantly lower costs by reducing rig time. We believe the introduction of this system is another good example of our ability to develop unique, value-enhancing, engineered products."