E&P Veteran Joins NovaDrill's Board of Directors

Drilling technology developer, NovaDrill has announced the addition of Andy Szescila to its board of directors. NovaDrill is Szescila's latest step in a 34-year career in exploration and production.

"NovaDrill will provide oil and gas operators with a step forward in drilling capabilities," said Szescila. "I am honored to be part of a company that is giving the industry the tools and technologies required to improve and increase operational efficiency and production. This is especially important in light of the current economic climate and expected long term increases in energy demand."

NovaDrill was formed to drive the advancement of oil and gas drilling practices through the creation of state-of-the-art technologies. The company is producing a complete directional drilling and formation evaluation system for drill bit, MWD and LWD markets, made up of advanced elements that can be integrated or used individually. Key components include:

  • The StingerTM, a high impact diamond which exhibits higher resistance to impact loading than other diamond forms and shows promise for the use of diamonds in oil and gas drill bits.
  • The JackHammerTM, a bit-centered element for rotary percussive drilling that provides a substantial increase in rate of penetration.
  • JackSteeringTM, a simplified and innovative rotary steerable system that leverages NovaDrill's proprietary "lead the bit" technology.

"We are making plans to commercialize our technology which means Andy is joining the board at a critical time. His strategic insight and guidance as a seasoned member of the industry will be invaluable, both in helping us ensure we are developing products and services that will advance the productivity of oil and gas companies and coming to market with a competitive offering," said David Hall, NovaDrill's CEO.

Szescila joins NovaDrill's five existing board members, including Chairman Gary Jones and members: Anoop Poddar and Bob Schwartz of upstream oil and gas technology venture capital firm Energy Ventures; independent industry financial expert Bob Wagner; and NovaDrill CEO David Hall. Szescila also serves as a director for Frontera Resources.