SCAN Lands 2D Seismic Gig Offshore Chile

SCAN has been awarded a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Direccion Nacional de Fronteras y Limites del Estado (DIFROL), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for a 2D study in the vicinity of the oceanic islands, offshore Chile.

SCAN's dedicated 2D vessel, the M/V Geo Searcher using an 8,000m solid streamer system combined with a 4,200 cu. ins. source will be acquiring the approximate 1.5 month project, scheduled to commence early March and ending before May of 2009.

"On behalf of SCAN, we are extremely pleased to undertake such an important seismic project for the Chilean Government," said Kjell Karlsson, vice president marketing and sales of SCAN. "Having done similar specialized seismic projects in the past with our vessel Geo
Searcher, we expect to achieve quality results with good productivity," he emphasized.