Drilling Time Reduced 50% for Deepwater GOM Subsalt ST Project

INTEQ and Hughes Christensen used a Total System Approach to plan and execute a 12-1/4 x 14-3/4-in. section sidetrack project in the US Gulf of Mexico. Extensive offset analysis was conducted to identify the main drilling hazards of the subsalt field and engineer an integrated drilling system for the application.

The integrated BHA included the AutoTrak™ ™ RCLS, CoPilot™ Real-Time Drilling Optimization services and a 12-1/4-in. Genesis™ bit and the 14-3/4-in. GaugePro™ XPR expandable reamer. The offset well had required seven bit runs due to downhole tool failures and premature bit wear caused by excessive vibration while drilling through a challenging salt section with anhydrite laminations.

On this well, the sidetrack kicked off at 8,649 ft (2,636 m) MD and then dropped angle while turning. After completing the drop and turn, the tangent exited the base of the salt and was drilled to the section TD. The sidetrack well was drilled using the integrated Baker Hughes system.

In start contrast to the offset, it required only two bit runs (three trips) and reduced the operator’s drilling time 50% compared to the plan. The combination of the CoPilot service and an optimal bit/reamer selection kept vibration to a minimum throughout the section.