Tethys' Subsidiary Snaps Up Uzbekistan Oil Production Project

Tethys' 100% subsidiary, Tethyda Limited, has signed an agreement, which is subject to certain regulatory requirements, corporate approvals and additional conditions, to acquire from the British company, Rosehill Energy plc, its wholly-owned subsidiary ("the Contractor") which holds Rosehill's entire interest in the Production Enhancement Contract ("PEC") for the North Urtabulak Oil Field in Uzbekistan.

The consideration for the purchase of this project is 15,000,000 (fifteen million) ordinary shares of Tethys. These shares will be restricted for resale for a period of up to one (1) year.

The value of the transaction (based on a Tethys share price of US $0.42 calculated as the 5 day volume weighted average ending on February 25, 2009) is approximately US $6.5 million. The revenue realized under the PEC for 2008 attributable to the Contractor was US $13.67 Million in 2008.

Average daily production attributed to the Contractor from the North Urtabulak Oil Field for January 2009 was 913 barrels of oil per day. Tethys believes there is considerable scope to increase this production through relatively modest capital investment by working over existing wells and introducing a dedicated gas lift system with modern equipment that has not as yet been utilized at the field. The PEC also gives certain rights over various other fields in the area around North Urtabulak.

Dr. David Robson, CEO of Tethys Petroleum Limited, commented, "We believe this acquisition adds significant shareholder value to the company at an attractive purchase price and brings immediate revenue through existing oil production. We also believe there is significant scope to increase this production through relatively low cost techniques using our own drilling and workover equipment and also by purchasing or leasing some new equipment to introduce gas lift. This also gives us a country entry into Uzbekistan through the purchase of a project that has an existing experienced in-country operations team with a good working knowledge of the field and surrounding area. We will build on this position to evaluate other projects in Uzbekistan, which is internationally known as having substantial oil and gas potential. Furthermore this oil project provides an excellent complement to our existing gas assets and offers shareholders leverage for any increase in the oil price from current levels."

The North Urtabulak Oil Field is located in southern Uzbekistan in the northern portion of the Amu-Darya basin. The nearest city is Bukhara which is about 120 kms north-west of the Field. Under the PEC the Contractor receives a share of incremental production from individual wells it works on.

The North Urtabulak Field produces from a Jurassic age reef structure at a depth of about 2,500 meters (8,125 feet). Surface elevation is approximately 320 meters (1,040 feet).